AS TTP is a real estate development and construction company founded in 1987 with Estonian capital.

During the 25+ years we have been operating, we have always been known for responsible real estate development from start to finish. We ensure the quality of buildings we create by using the best materials and the skills of professional builders. We know that constant communication with the client is key to achieving the best results. This is evident when the keys are delivered, both to future residents and the developer.

We consider the development of a 101-hectare plot that connects Pirita to Mähe and Merivälja to be our flagship project. We started working on this back in 1996 and today, this once inaccessible shrubland has become Tallinn’s most valued modern residential area, where each square metre is thoroughly thought out and planned to complement the whole. The area’s biggest value lies in the harmony maintained between the tall trees and the buildings. Over 1100 families have found excellent homes for years to come in the 110 private residences, 46 terraced/semi-detached houses and 67 apartment buildings, created with the involvement of best Estonian architects.

The same residential quarter also contains the new office building of TTP at Mähe tee 1, voted Estonia’s best concrete building of the year in 2005.

Our biggest development projects include Kreutzwald House, a 7-storey residential and commercial building completed in Tallinn city centre in early 2013 at F.R Kreutzwaldi 3 and four apartment buildings in Merivälja, at Ranna tee 46a, which were completed in 2014. We are currently working on large-scale developments in Tallinn in Mustamäe (Pöörise residential district) and Järve (Järve Towers).

The development project at Vööri 2, in the immediate proximity of Linnahall, is also awaiting its turn.

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